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Wealth Accumulation, Retirement, Employee Profit Sharing &#38; More<br/>

Wealth Accumulation, Retirement, Employee Profit Sharing & More

The problems facing business owners in today’s economy are enormous. While we at Total Financial Concepts, Inc. cannot resolve issues such as accounts receivable, there is a class of business related problems we can help you solve.  They revolve around the age old questions each business owner faces:

  • What happens to the business if I die prematurely?
  • How do I get money out of the business when I am disabled without getting penalized by the Internal Revenue Service?
  • How can the business help me retire?
  • What happens to his or her share if my partner dies—do I  want to be in business with my partner’s widow or widower?
  • How can I attract and keep key personnel?

There are multiple answers to each of these questions, which vary according to each owner’s individual circumstances. With more than 25 years of experience in dealing with questions such as these, Total Financial Concepts, Inc. is uniquely positioned to help you determine the appropriate answer for your situation. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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