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Financial Planning is the road map to each person’s economic future. Without a well-designed and properly executed financial plan, a person may as well be driving down a four-lane highway while blindfolded. While none of us would do that, many of us spend our life trying to accumulate assets haphazardly and with little thought to their potential or their place in an overall plan. Total Financial Concepts, Inc. is committed to helping each client to gain control over his or her financial life. We thoroughly analyze each client’s current situation, including income, resources, and expenses; we determine future obligations, such as college education for children and grandchildren; help specify goals, such as retirement; probe the client’s risk tolerance for investments; and, finally, create a suggested plan to help make it all happen.

If this type of planning is what you have been looking for, contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Investment Advisory services offered exclusively through HTK.

Total Financial Concepts, Inc. offers our clients a retirement review and analysis to determine how we can best help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for your complimentary meeting.

Estate Conservation is a process whose goal is to pass as many assets as possible to one’s heirs while minimizing to the greatest extent the amount, which has to be paid in taxes. Although this sounds as if it should be easy—and sometimes even is! —Second marriages, spendthrift heirs, outdated or non-existent wills, and a host of other problems frequently complicate it. The role of the Estate Planner is to devise a plan while working closely with other, trusted, advisors to help to accomplish the goals of the clients; Keeping in mind that it is an ever changing process that must be updated on a regular basics.

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College, Estate, Retirement &#38; More<br/>

College, Estate, Retirement & More

You know that some day you want to retire. The desire, however, is not enough. Proper planning can help assure a carefree retirement. The average business owner or executive proprietor spends more time planning for his or her annual vacation than for retirement.

Even those who participate in 401(k) plans frequently pay no attention to what is happening within their investment choices. In addition, there are more and more choices to consider. Do you qualify for a Roth IRA? Do your children or grandchildren? How much should you contribute?

When we look back on the past few years in the stock market, the first thing that comes to mind is volatility. While not necessarily a bad thing, a professional can guide you through the types of financial storms we have seen in the past and which we can expect to see in the future.

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