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Individual & Group Life Insurance Services

Have you ever felt like you're drowning in insurance? You're almost certainly not alone. Many people have no idea how to gauge how much life insurance they need, or what type may best serve their purposes. Should they have whole life? Universal life? Variable life? Or term life? What are the complete benefits life insurance has to offer?

Life Insurance can create an estate for young people just starting their families and careers. It can help replace income lost due to premature death, and provide funds to pay mortgages and educate children. It can keep a family business from having to be sold. It can even pay estate taxes. It is, in fact, a versatile financial tool that can benefit the insured’s family immensely in the event of a premature death; but it can also provide other substantial benefits to the insured*.

Life insurance policies can become self-completing in the event of disability under certain circumstances**. Frequently salespeople omit offering this optional benefit, even though the cost can be moderate. In some ways, it is like going to a formal dinner in a tuxedo, but having the tailor neglect to give you the option of renting a shirt to save a few dollars. You should have the choice of wearing a formal shirt or a plain white business shirt. Someone else should not make that decision without consulting you.

For more information about the how to calculate coverage, optional benefits, and the other benefits of life insurance, contact us for a no-obligation appointment.

*Life insurance permanent policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force.  

**Availability and rider provisions vary by each state and insurance carrier.

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