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Disability Insurance


Few of us understand the uses of Disability and Overhead Expense policies, and when they may be appropriate business deductions. Do I need disability if I am covered by State disability? What is the difference between a policy which is non-cancelable and one which is guaranteed renewable? What is the maximum you can qualify for? How long will I need coverage?

Even with substantial financial resources, a prolonged disability, whether due to illness or accident, can cripple a family economically.

Long-Term Care

Should you have Long-Term Care insurance? Should your parents? Doesn't Medicare / Medicaid or somebody take care of the bills when people go into a nursing home? If you are over age 50, you should learn the answers to these questions. In fact, the answers may disconcert you.

For instance, Medicare does not pay all of your Long-Term care and unfortunately, to qualify for Medicaid, the individual has to become virtually insolvent. The highest percentage of long-term care expenses is paid from private funds—either by the patient or the patient’s family. (Source: HIAA, Long-Term Care: Knowing the Risk, Paying the Price, 1997).

Medical Policies

As a business owner, how can you provide medical coverage on a cost effective basis? Should you have a traditional major medical plan, or an HMO? How do costs relate to benefits? What about deductibles? If you are not incorporated, what is deductible and what isn't?

Seniors, Pre-Existing Conditions, Medical Plans & More

What is the best design for your group? Can you have two levels of benefits in the same company or office? Is it really necessary to have a GATEKEEPER? What about your son or daughter, who’s 25, but still in school full-time? Can he or she still be covered as a dependent? And what do you do about the inevitable "problem claim"? Who will be your advocate?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, then it is imperative that you consult Total Financial Concepts, Inc. to learn how we can help you answer them. Contact us today to learn more.