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Financial Planning for Physicians

<b>Comprehensive Financial Plans Just for Physicians&#160;</b>

Comprehensive Financial Plans Just for Physicians 

We understand the unique financial requirements and expectations for physicians, as well as the economics involved in owning a practice. 

There are numerous challenges medical practices face including: reduced reimbursements, increased government regulatory and reporting requirements, pinched revenue streams and higher operating costs.

Personal challenges may make it difficult to build (or maintain) your desired lifestyle, properly support family, and prepare for retirement.


<b>Smart Financial Planning Starts with the Right Diagnosis</b>

Smart Financial Planning Starts with the Right Diagnosis

If you are a physician or medical professional, you know that our world is in a period of unprecedented change. While there are upsides to technology advancements in medicine and certainly job security practicing medicine, the ability to predict your future income is less sure than in the past. 

We have provided sound financial planning for physician practices for over 50 years.


<b>Schedule Your Financial Health Check-up Today</b>

Schedule Your Financial Health Check-up Today

We diagnose each of our clients. We ask questions, probe your pain points, examine your current financial condition and listen to your goals—personal and professional. Then, and only then, do we recommend a course of action specific to you, your needs, and your goals.

We are versed in 401(k)s, profit sharing, defined and undefined benefit plans, cash balance plans—we have deep and thorough knowledge of these items that work together and make up your financial well being. We also have worked extensively with physicians who have successfully merged with other practices, purchased surgery centers and other assets, or have sold their practices.